Costa Amalfitana by Ritina Ansurkar

Costa Amalfitana is an acrylic on canvas painting of the Amalfitana coast of Italy which is a very famous coast. Italy has always been one of my favorite locations as the coasts of Italy are simply mesmerizing. I would definitely say that I have visited Italy a couple of times and hence the attraction to this country and it's beautiful coast line. I love the way the colors in the sky play with the coastline and the water. The evening sky gives the whole place a golden yellow glow as if it is being blessed by The Almighty. I often stop to think about the way God has created the Earth like one large painting which he definitely enjoyed doing. I feel we as artist are tiny amateurs trying to create art the way he has. I would love my viewers to get a feel of the the beauty of this planet Earth and want to go places to experience it in person. I always feel that if God has taken so much effort to create so much beauty in this world, it is our duty as people of this Earth to at least go around , see and admire it.

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