I'm A Bit Of A Messy Artist by Ritina Ansurkar

I'm A Bit Of A Messy Artist - is an acrylic on stretched canvas piece of artwork of dimensions 18" H by 24" W by 0.5" D.
The artwork has been varnished in order to preserve the colors and keep it dust free. A Photorealistic and conceptual painting with lots of bold colors, showing the various paint tubes, palette knives, brushes, a scale, an eraser, a water vessel with used brushes, all scattered over my artist table as I work on this very same piece of art. Seeing my artist's table scattered with all this art material gave me the inspiration to paint this piece of art as it shows the intensity of passion that I put into each piece of my artwork. I am so engrossed inpainting that nothing else matters as I go through this captivating process of creating art. This artwork has more of an emotional factor that could provoke to get up and start painting. Putting in the minutest of details is the best part that I enjoyed while creating this piece of art.

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