OTTANTA PAURA by Franco Baldazzi

This work, in a first phase, was started in June 2020 in a euphoric, dazzling moment of an intuitive moment where everything was perfect. Where the combination, or rather the union of two elements, inspiration and color, give the best of that moment... of life. That instant that will never be repeated, that will never be the same as any other moment you have lived or will live. And so two months later, still mindful of that instant, with brushes, colors, courage, colors and brushes and a personal "secret" ingredient, I wanted to complete it. The result is different from what I imagined, and as I mentioned a few lines above nothing is like before! THIS IS THE RESULT, this is the result no more and no less. Of course it has a strong impact, the black stands out in abundance, but every time I pass by it captures my attention and amazed at the result I walk that vortex to the center with eyes and mind scrutinizing every detail, every shade, every ripple of how the color has clung to the canvas, even curious about what will be at the finish line.

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