"I AM" by Ken Blakemore

The “I AM” series, is rendered by using a play on the phrase I AM, presenting a spiritual identity of each of us. The specific design creates patterns by utilizing a specific color palette heightening the appearance each color has on each other.
The color palette chosen for each painting, is not arbitrary, but is inspired by the four seasons in nature. The appearance of each composition, chooses tints, tones and shades that represent the different seasons. Your perception and preference of color, has a direct relationship on our feelings, thoughts and emotions. Your preference to the colors in each design are parallel to the characteristics, thoughts and feelings that make up your unique personality. The viewers predilection of their color choice, enhances the intrinsic nature of his or her unique personality.
Paintings are 11in.x 14in.
Acrylic and epoxy resin on wood panel

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