temporary sculptures by Porter Don

Beginning as a six-year old sculptor using recycled materials pilfered from my parents’ waste bin, I have been a life-long artist and been taught and mentored by some of the finest: Gui Ignon in Ojai, then Elmer Bischoff, Peter Voulkos, Richard Diebenkorn, at UC Berkeley - and many others along the way. My award-winning photographs, sculptures and paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide. My recent work is photographing experimental temporary sculptures that I make with literally anything imaginable. As I add pigmented liquids, lights, and motion, I photograph the fabrications as they transform, dissolve, cease to be what they were. I often paint the photographic prints, or otherwise alter them (scrape, burnish, add pastel, ink, anything necessary), and then photograph them again until I have achieved my intended result. Aside from cropping for composition and controlling for contrast, I do not use Photoshop - I don’t know how. I prefer the tactile, analog way.

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