recycled glass by John Bassett

Not flat, not round, my work might be called glass relief. I’m happy in the rich, associative world of recycled glass and other found objects. I like the textures produced by slumping and fusing and that most conventional quality of glass, its transparency.

I use recycled materials, bottles, plates, windows, and wood scrap to make residential sized panels and commissions. Much of my work doesn't need backlighting and can be on walls. I started glass in 1979. I'm self taught and worked most of my life as a carpenter. My uncle, Richard Bassett was an artist and encouraged me to paint and draw when I was young. A clever and generous man, Joseph LeBeau worked for my grandmother and made wonderful toy machines from scrap wood, recycled nails, and left over house paint. He gave these toy machines to any kid who wanted them. I think I learned from him the joy of making things, the possibilities of discarded materials, and the fun of sharing.

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