JUDE KITTS ART by Jude Kitts

Artist Statement
“There is an unspoken, universal language with which all humans communicate. We react emotionally to certain images with fear, joy, humor, even revulsion. That image does not necessarily need to be a recognizable object in order to speak this language. Even concepts conveyed abstractly can send a strong message and evoke powerful reactions.

With my artwork, I am attempting to present my individual perceptions of the world around me along with my emotional reactions to that world. My desire then, is that it will strike a cord in someone else and we experience that unspoken communication.

Although a large part of who I am is rooted in my connection with and love of nature, my work reflects the environment in which I am immersed at the time of it’s creation while still being influenced by the beliefs, memories, and the experiences of my life thus far.”

Portfolio Entries