In this series of paintings I am trying to show the beauty within diversity.There is not such thing as universal beauty, because the Human Race is diverse and every society has its own characteristics, values, and culture. I feel that after the twentieth century, with the mass media invading our homes, the whole world has been exposed to "universal values" that we are learning and adopting not only as the truth, but also, as our own. There is no such thing as "universal beauty", I repeat, and that is what I try to show with these portraits of children and dolls. More than an object, a doll is an extension of the child´s family, many times the first close friend, with a distinctive personality and its own personal features. Every doll carries the values of the culture where she was born, every doll has a story to tell, and every doll has a unique soul. The differences from one doll to another are amazing, this reveals our creativity. It also shows our differences and makes us aware of our diversity. It is within this diversity that I found the "universal treasure of human kind".

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