In this series of paintings I portrait the existence of all those women (including myself) which identity was fragmented between two cultures.
Beyond their beauty and fragrance and the freedom of flying, flowers and birds have a particular symbolism in my personal mythology.
Flowers: I paint gardenias to symbolize enduring love, because my father always gave to my mother blossoms of that flower. I painted sunflowers for the first time when my sons were almost fifteen years old. While I was painting "My sunflowers" I remembered when they were kids and used to follow me everywhere, making me feel like their Sun. Since that painting, the two sunflowers in my artwork always represent the spiritual beauty and strength: Santiago and Angel´s inner qualities.
There are two birds that I portray in my paintings: the crow and the "little black head".
The first one is intelligent and loyal to one mate in a lifetime. Researches find that they display empathy toward their partner when in danger or need. These are ideal qualities of a soul mate. With the second I symbolize my father spirit. He was a Guarani Indian and during his youth indigenous people of Argentina were contemptuously called "cabecitas negras" (little black heads).

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