My home is my castle by Thomas Schlereth

While driving through construction areas in villages or settlements on the edge of smaller towns the exemplarily parceled segments which are built with
single-family homes increasingly attract attention; demarcations arranged around an imaginary center or lined up like pearls on a chain; small residential communities along side streets laid out anew or connected by concentric ring roads with shared driveways and turning areas.
Thereby the alleged community however seems to be already at the end.
By constructing fences or walls, planting hedges - promising opaque growth - or filling rear strip meter high embankment mounds the owners of individual units are just trying not to reveal too much about themselves.
The intellectual development of the strict separation of property to property and any related clean, almost sterile-style atmosphere in these living spaces was the cause for the project "my home is my castle ...".
How far can or must one go to protect himselve from the "others" ? What one is willing to do to keep it for himselve ? What is the risk one runs it? How the conflict is constituded between the attempt of the defense of the "outside" and the restrictions linked with it on the "inside" ? And how does change the view to the everyday object "house" if it gets taken away at once details such as windows and doors; components, which are actually connected so
unequivocally with it that their existence at first in lack of their awareness gets into consciousness vigorously ...

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