New digital works by "Alessandro Lonzardi"

Born in Italy in 1964 where he lives and works. He began painting at the beginning of the 80s classic themes, figurative, then move on to abstract forms. From 2002 to 2003 uses the computer to set the foundations of some particular works of figurative / conceptual that will be exposed to the public in 2003 in a famous art gallery of Pisa. After a period of study and further experimentation, participates in some art competitions coming always among the finalists in 2014 and will be present in several exhibitions at major galleries Italian and European structures. Currently began a search in the digital environment that has produced a series of works printed on forex technology Giclée printing. With Alessandro Lonzardi attention shifts to the variety of techniques it uses, such as industrial enamels, oil, mixed media and media (in many cases self-built) to the digital processing of photos printed on forex, experimentation is the basis of his research , always attentive to new trends and current expressions of the means that today's society has to express itself. The artistic career of Lonzardi does not stop but continues towards new forms, solutions congenial to him that meet the narrator of a complex and articulated.

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