Karen H. Salup by Karen H. Salup

As an Abstract Expressionist, I concentrate on the actions involved in creating artworks rather than trying to produce images that people could recognize, I'm searching for a underlying unity that takes into account the material, a method and a fairly clear amount of knowledge. Form,space and content and especially the qualities of color and light are part of the dance we call "Action Painting". When referring to my sources, I consider myself a landscape painter. I have been an artist for three decades, intriguing audiences across the country and Europe with my paintings. I am involved with NAWA, FL.and NY, Women in the Visual Arts, Fl., Palm Beach Watermedia Society. I am formally from New York. I have had my works reviewed in the New York Times, ArtSpeak, and Newsday. My work is represented in many permanent collections.
My website: www.karenhsalup.com
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