Painting from 1970s by Hratch Israelian

What is Modern Art?” A question that puzzles many of us.
In the name of modern art, artists tried everything and it’s opposite; creating more questions than answers.
Can we find our answer in the digital world? Since digital sculpting unfolds a technical renaissance around us.
How about digital Painting?
In digital world higher quality picture means a larger digital file and a larger digital file means slow traffic. It’s obvious that speed, size, and quality cancel each other out, even in digital images.
What does all this have to do with Modern art?
Modern Art came out of Modernity, and Modernity came out of technological transformations, which stands on the balance of four pillars: production speed, quality, cost, and size.
Can we create the modern brush for modern painting? A brush that has the essence of Modernism? A painting process which produce maximum speed, size and quality, with minimal cost and labor? Something that cameras and computers have not yet achieved?
Yes, we can. You are looking at it.

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