"Arts of Mirolli" by Miroslav Olickov - Mirolli

I am Miroslav Olickov-Mirolli, a painter from Nis,Serbia. I began with painting when I was 13 years old and did not know anything about painting, specially oil painting. My first painting was copies of Picasso and Van Gog and I didn't know, at that time, which great artist names they were. I did these paintings with tempera on a simple canvas and frame which I did by myself. After that I went to high school of Art in Nis for five years and Academy of Arts in Skopje,Rep.of Macedonia for another three years. During my studies and after that, I worked all the time only oil on canvas although I was familiar with all other art techniques: drawings, graphics, lithography etc.
I work in these techniques for more than forty years now. I always must be inspired by some event (good or bad). The first thing that that inspires me is ecology and mankind as well as animals. These things are important to me because people do not take care about their surroundings and themselves which lead us to distract all around us and our whole planet. That is why I have always been and will be against killings(people or animals), all kinds of pollution and that is the reason that my works must always have some message which is visible through my pictures in all techniques.
I will paint my whole life until I can hold brushes in my hands because art is my first love after my love for my family.

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