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Digital Ukiyo-e by Rei Niwa

Rei Niwa

"Digital Ukiyo-e"
The "Digital Ukiyo-e" became the registered trademark of the Japanese Patent Office on April 10, 2015.
The "Digital Ukiyo-e" is a compound name the "Ukiyo-e"=famous Japanese art and "Digital"=making process, and that make the differentiation by naming for the digital works. I think that a digital making process is a process to produce the several copies same as a woodblock print in the past, and it include a meaning of "The Modern version of the Ukiyo-e".
The characteristic of my works is simplification of the subject, exaggerated perspective, the color control with a feature, these are the characteristics of Ukiyo-e, I am using that for works as necessary.
Nowadays, I use to print on the Sekishu Washi that is a handmade Japanese Paper that as the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Sekishu Washi has been keep same making process for over 1300 years, no contains chemicals and no coating, so that that is can be succeed to several generations. And I use the special version "Sekishu Washi for Inkjet print” collaborated by the workshop "Sekishu Washi Kubota", which is thicken to be easy to accepting ink.
Due to build-to-order manufacturing, it is necessary to allow an average of 10 days for shipment (From 7 days 14 days).
This has no picture frame, if you want to display on wall, you should use a poster hanger, will be shipped rolled inner a paper tube or case.

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