Virtual Exhibition

Neo- Norm by Edgar Bonne

Edgar Bonne

Neo - Norm is a celebration of nothingness and emptiness that fills us to the brim. This infinite vagueness we are trapped in, has solutions which can be fulfilled by colour, gesture, lines and immersion within to understand the condition; intoxicated and altered. Limited by words that describe complex feelings that are beyond expression. About the Artist The artist’s work has always dealt with chaos that is ever present around us, as one seeks the connection between the physical and the emotional world. What one feels is far too complex to express in words. The revelations that usurp, gestate within, frothing away deep inside the recess of the mind. It is taking place, but it cannot be described or expressed in words. Words have limitations and carry little weight or importance. Words lose their poignancy and sharpness when stated; they are fixed in space and time and they can be ambivalent. The word choices available have unlimited permutations of interpretation.

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