Virtual Exhibition

Seacapes & Dreams. by Carmen Delprat

Carmen Delprat

The virtual exhibition “Seascapes & Dreams”, by the Australian artist Carmen Delprat is a Surrealist odyssey of ocean landscapes and exotic shell portraits.

Through her work, Carmen captures an allegory of the natural world around her and transforms it into dream like interpretations and reveries back to the viewer the impermanence of life and nature. 

Her richly hued paintings of breezy seascapes explore intangible ideas that evokes themes of interconnectivity and internal languages. The ebb and flow of the oceans landscape is carefully constructed with aesthetics of fantastical elements and deliberately executed realism in the attempt to mirror our internal experiences and inclinations for escapism. 

Her figurative and portrait drawings radiate with ethereal charm. Capturing an element of surprise with unexpected juxtapositions often of exotic shells or circuitous tree roots. The viewer is invited to take the time to appreciate the organic use of line and form and explore the gentle feelings of comfort, ease and aesthetics. 

Virtual Exhibition Entries