Virtual Exhibition

"The Keeper Of Lost Dreams" by Luana Stebule

Luana Stebule

In this exhibition I present artworks which I created in the last five years. At this period of time I was impressed and inspired by the form of houses in the shape of shoes and a rare type of orchids. As a consequence I created more than 30 oil paintings.
My thoughts were that it is something new that I have not seen in the artworks before. Also, I was inspired by my journeys to islands;Sicily, Corfu, Lanzarote, Cyprus, Madeira, Tenerife and especially England. I live here more than 7 years and admire British culture, architecture and people. I love this country.
My favourite technique is oil on canvas, I like simplify forms in order to show the spirit of the things and I agree with Vincent Van Gogh, that the great artist is the simplifier.
At the beginning of a new picture I am very quick, but later from time to time I again back and continue to paint on my older pictures by adding more nuances and subtlety.
My style has elements of surrealism, conceptualism and pointillism.
In 2019 by the International Art Market Magazine I was selected to be on the Gold List as one of the Top Artist of Today. In January 2020 in Florence I was awarded 3rd International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize as a Universal Artist. My artworks are in the Art Anthology "Important World Artists 2020"

Virtual Exhibition Entries