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Wild and Crazy Art by Douglas W Warawa

Douglas W Warawa

My name is Douglas W Warawa and I have been painting since 2006. I am a self-taught artist. I cannot paint what I see, I paint what my mind sees and that is why I am an experimentalist type of painter. I use acrylic, oil, and drip oil paint. All my ideas come from my past. I have been in jail more times than I can count. I have hitch-hiked all across Canada, the US, and Europe and Mexico. I used to go out to the hy-way and stick my finger out and go anywhere or go to the airport and hop on a jet and fly somewhere. My traveling came to a halt when I ended up in jail in Morocco and my name was put on Interpol. In order to paint my drip oil paintings, I must wear a gas mask and have 2 fans blowing. That is how toxic drip oil paint is. I have more than 130 paintings. I can't put them all up at once so come back soon as I'll be posting more paintings down the road. Thanks for viewing my artwork and have a most wonderful day! PS: I have so many paintings, I can't put them all here. To see all of my artwork go to


Douglas W Warawa....:>)

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