Virtual Exhibition

Drawn to the Wild: Nature's Inspiration by Pete Marshall

Pete Marshall

Travelling the world and its wild places to research and gather material for my art works, we have visited many conservation projects and donated art work along the way. Inspiration abounds and we have been fortunate indeed in our travels, meeting people and having lifetime experiences.
Moving to Tropical North Queensland, Australia some 4 years ago, and now with Covid travel restrictions, my works are now largely inspired by the region in which I now live. However I have an abundance of reference material from the Arctic to Antarctica with stop overs in the Himalayas or deserts of Africa along the way. Who knows what I shall be inspired to tackle next.
My work has been exhibited internationally and at home with many accolades, and graces the walls of collectors for their continued enjoyment.
I am an invited Signatory Member of Artists For Conservation ( Canada ), Society of Animal Artists (USA), Coloured Pencil Society America ( CPX) and Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

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