Virtual Exhibition

Soul by Melanie Mertens

Melanie Mertens

Melanie Mertens (*based in Cologne) was selected by ARTAVITA to join the Artexpo New York 18. - 21. November 2021. She develops painting in terms of form, expression and dramaturgy as an artistic philosopher.

Melanie Mertens plays in the exhibition "soul" with inner and outer consciousness with high intensity and uses paining as a sensitive medium. The composition of her work creates a space of tension.
The first impression offers a complex use of colour and composition, leading to inner spaces and mystery.
Is it about illusion or vision? Or is it about a play of composition and the language of images?
With structured and constructed scenes and imagery her works range between the individual and collective, as well as between history and visions of future: aspects of society are connecting themselves with archetypes.

Quote artist: “ ..if you can´t say anything anymore and everything is closing in front of you, art can be a promise and a sign. If you´ve made something visible it is all about its` reflection and what it creates in you. Your correspondence with the image will give you the answers. That is the eternal cycle of art…”

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