Virtual Exhibition

"My Universe" by Edwin R. Maurás

Edwin Maurás Modesti

During the last two years my ideas, feelings and all my creativity have led to an intense search for new compositions, with new atmospheres of moons, suns, sunrises and sunsets and even clouds in a universe of transparencies and depths of color that neither the Photographic lens can interpret, but the sensitivity of the human eye itself. Elements in which I spill all my knowledge and experiences acquired during fifty years in which I have worked my painting professionally. Sometimes these infinite years have seemed similar to me, but as I sit looking through the window of the past, it seems to me that it was yesterday, becoming a completely finite time. The focus on which I am working my work today, is from a universal perspective... It is my reality, it is my own perspective of things, it is... My Universe. A micro, which is made up of my family and my immediate community, in Quebrada Grande neighborhood at Trujillo Alto, within a macro, which is my homeland, Puerto Rico, which is suspended inside a space in the universe, although it is sometimes turns into a chaotic one... IT'S MY COUNTRY! That's why I sing to my Universe, to my Barrio de Quebrada Grande and to my Homeland Puerto Rico!

Email: Facebook@Edwin.Mauras.Paintings

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