Virtual Exhibition

My Absurd World by George Forgie

George Forgie

Pen and Ink Series called “My Absurd World”

Over the years, I have shared my drawings with many people. Invariably, all ask the same, well rooted question - “why?” “I presume the spectator will tell me,” is my usual reply. I am not being evasive, for the diversity of people with their own field of experience, always lead me to other ways of seeing what I have created. My drawings frighten some people, while the majority find them fascinating! A few, who admit them to be a bit quirky, show a face driven by reasoning, and search of order. They were intrigued by my works!

Being born with an inquisitive mind, my biggest quest has been why people are the way they are? “Here I am, see me!” This self-affirmation seems to inflict all of us. To a great degree, the majority find a balance they can relate to, whereas, others are left powerless. (Influence Rolla May). At an early age, I became an avid reader. Anything complex, deep in political, or social issues, I consumed. Innocent beliefs in human interaction, resolve for change, were open for concern. I began to collect written truths for future use, which complimented my keen interest in gesture, the very movements, antics of people. Facial expressions stole my mind! Hands, to me, were most expressive.

Beginning with one image is the anchor that determines the placement for others to follow, until an ambiguous story emerges. No doubt my own field of experience, knowledge absorbed along the way, must surely lay hidden in my drawings. Do note all images strive to belong to relay a cohesive message on stage, yet, each human action appears to be independent in doing their own thing. (Ruben).

The interactions of realism with abstract surrealism; the absurd, with the logical, is evident throughout. Metamorphosis, the play of fantasy, should not be unfamiliar to us. Lastly, in most drawings, elements of morality are felt, juxtaposed with an obvious spectator. Most often a word or written message creeps onto my page. It should not matter if it does not relate or be understood. The mere presence is power in itself to remain.

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