Francisco Vidal

Francisco Vidal

Location: Colombia

FranciscoFVidal a Colombian Figurative Artists a selfthoug Painter excibet in New York,Italy.Spain,Colombia,Buenos Aires,Monterrey Mexico,Collection Museun of Modern Art,Cartagena,Colombia,Museum of Contemporary Art ,Monterrey,Mexico,Museo del Barrio,New York,CityArts,New York and many Galleries with a out put 60 to 100 works a year on Paintings,Paper.


The Artist

The Artist is about the artist and his studio wich here by imagination change all time in place,color , model, expression

Artist with black brush “Artist with black brush”

In a figurative style is with acrylic on canvas The artist confrom you in the ad of painting

Artist Model with red apple “Artist Model with red apple”

In a strom yellow room the artist and model open a visual dialoge is a figurative acrylic on canvas

Artist on brown studio “Artist on brown studio”

The artist whant to show his creation to you his inspiration figurative with acrylic on canvas