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Virtual Exhibitions

Dancing Shapes
Wendy Cohen
NFT's artemarke
Mark Krawczynski
Susan Morrison
Preview of Art Santa Fe 2023
Faces of Humanity
Art Abstractions
Paul Robin McNulty
Artist of the Year 2022
The Last 5 Years in Review
Sue Graef
From the MIST
Ron Durnavich
In the WOODS
Ron Durnavich
Art Screen TV Digital Exhibition
Artexpo Basel Europa Airport
Linda Sbath's gallery
Linda Sbath

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Win to exhibit up to 4 works free at Art San Diego, November 3 - 5

Win to exhibit up to 4 works free at Art San Diego, November 3 - 5

Art San Diego is one of the most important art events on the West Coast, and usually gets between 15,000 - 20,000 visitors.

Artavita will have a large pavilion there.

The winner of this contest will exhibit up to 4 works with Artavita, with no participation fee.

No size restrictions

All media are accepted.

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: June 9th, 2023

  • Painting & 2-dimensional mixed media
  • Sculpture & 3-dimensional mixed media
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Photography digitally Manipulated
  • MIxed Media
  • Other
  • Ceramic Sculpture

Gallery News


An exhibition relating to the reasons and to the psychic and emotional condition of the individual, who in good or bad, tries to escape a society that is bog-standard, oppressing, too compl... <a href='/gallery_posts#gallery_post_967'>more &rarr;</a>



ViewPoint Gallery’s 2023 International Photography Competition

Interested photographers are encouraged to enter. Each of the 12 selected images is printed and framed by the gallery and exhibited on a feature wall at ViewPoint Gallery for one month begi... <a href='/gallery_posts#gallery_post_857'>more &rarr;</a>

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Artist News

Moving Forward

My new designs I created for my clothesline are amazing, now you can be the art with this wearable works of art available from all my works. This Summer, the beach towels are my new addition... <a href='/artist_posts#artist_post_3272'>more &rarr;</a>

Thrive! Healthy People, Healthy Planet

I am very glad to invite you to join the upcoming exhibit.The jury selected one of my photographs, which will be part of the interesting-themed event.-
Official Invite by the ... <a href='/artist_posts#artist_post_3271'>more &rarr;</a>

Public Event You are invited to Valhalla Studio in Nomad, Manhattan

Thursday, June 15th, 2023 5:00 - 7:30pm

Works by Rossella BLUE Mocerino

On dispay: The Gaze Paintings and Introducing: The Mannequin Paintings


37 East 28th Street... <a href='/artist_posts#artist_post_3268'>more &rarr;</a>

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Artavita Latest News


Winners of the 56th Contest

1st Prize: Istvan Vago, "Bluebird of Happiness" 

2nd Prize: Skottie O'Mahony, "Privilege" 

3rd Prize: Vasile Stefanoiu, "Orpheus & Eurydice"

And 57 other winners:

Aaron Krone

Alison Barrows-Young

Bernard Sabri

Bob Conge

Carina Imbrogno

Carmen Heidi Kroese

Charles Harris

Cheryl Pruys

Cynthia Ho

Daniel Hachard

Dobri Giurkov

Donneli J. DiMaria

Dr. Georgina Macken

Dr. Lee Kwong Tim Jackson

Elisabetta De Maria


Gayle Faulkner

Gayle Printz

George Fogie

George Rowbottom

Grace Paleg

Gunny Brørby

Herbert Hermans

Isabelle Bouchard

Janusz Walentynowics

Jerry Steingraeber

Jolanda Richter

Josée Tellier Artiste 3D

Julie Denoncourt

Julie Reby Waas

Linda Schlafer

Loreta Hume

Loretta Petraitis

Mahfuzur Rahman

Marguerite Noschese

Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky

Mark Pytlos

Michael K. Yamaoka


Otto Schmidinger

Phil Hargreaves

Philippe Giroux

Ramón Rivas

Robert Feldman

Roland Reinert

Ronald Walker

Saeed Bagsair

Sarah Urfer

Stephanie Trombotti

Stephen Mimms

Sue Dowse


Sylvia Bandyke

Vicki Leon

Wendy Cohen

Yiannis Galanakis


Winner of the 55th Contest

Broderick Price

Free Exhibition at Artexpo New York, March 30 - April 2

"Woman Doodle One"

"Woman Doodle Two"

"Woman Doodle Three"


Winners of the 54th Contest

1st Prize: Front Cover: Dr. Georgina Macken, "Winter Train Ride"

2nd Prize: Back Cover: Dorianna Sinnett: "The Dance of the Creator"

3rd Prize: Frontispiece: Yuqian Sun: "Please Don't Go"

And 37 other winners:

Arlene Buster

Berbel Lätt

Betty Cox

Bob Conge

Carlyle Thompson

Cher Pruys

Daniel Reymondin


Dr. Lee Kwong Tim Jackson

Elisabetta De Maria

Galina Richardson

Gary Wagner

Gayle Faulkner

Herbert Hermans

Ilgonis Rinkis

Istvan Vago

Josée Tellier

Joyce E. Lazzara

Judith Osborne

Katie O'Sullivan

Lorna Beecroft

Michael Ian Goulding

Moorland Productions

Musto M. Yilderim

Nasrah Nefer

Qing Wang

Quimbel Tony

Ramón Rivas

Rica M. Asaban

Richard Ferguson

Rick Hurst

Roland Reinert

Sylvia Dr. Kölbl

Veronica Russo


Wendy Cohen



Winner of the 53rd Contest

Cristina Jobs

Free Exhibition at Spectrum - Red Dot Miami

"Kibubu Albino"

"The Strength"

"David Slew Goliath"

"Baby Avatar"


Winner of the 52nd Contest

Free Exhibition at Art San Diego:

Nina Winters

"The One who Learned to Fly"

"Angel of Peace"

"The Galactic Samurai"


Winners of the 51st Online Contest - to be featured in Issue 9 of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize: Front Cover: Gabriel Lavoie, "Solidarity"

2nd Prize: Back Cover: Maksim Echein, "Before Bedtime"

3rd Prize: Frontispiece: Terra Kind Studio, "River Divination"
And 37 other winners:
Ai-Wen Wu Kratz
Andrea Collante
Anne Gro Starefoss Greve
Antonella Pintauro
Ashton Lally
Cher Pruys
Dr. Székely Aranka
Dwight Myers
Elisabetta De Maria
Gambasin Giovanni
Garry Scott Wheeler
Greg Cliffe
Gunny Brørby
Henry (Hank) Spirek
Isabelle Bouchard
James Ellison
Jewell Edward Cundiff
John Jaster
Jordyn Fullaway
Julie Denoncourt
Kirsten Todd
Leif Sohlman
Linda Chido
Livia Doina Stanciu
Luana Stebule
Michael J. Cavanagh
Molly Scannell
Nadezda Stupina
Ramón Rivas
Rich DiSilvio
Richard Ferguson
Robin J Sarner
Sylvia Bandyke
Veronica Russo
Wendy J McLaughlin


Artavita Contest with theme "Hope"

1st Prize: Edson Campos: "Spera", painting

2nd Prize: Domenico Goi: "Hope2022", collage

3rd Prize: Daniela Ament: "First Step", sculpture

To be featured in "Current Masters" Volume 6, the upcoming book published by World Wide Art Books.

And 57 other awarded artists, all to be featured in a virtual exhibition on Artavita:

Aleksandr Kryushyn

Aleksandra Ciążyńska

Alex Shender

Anna Maria Dickinson

Benny De Grove

Birgit Stern

Carina Imbrogno

Chi-Yu Lin

Christine D. Forest

Claudio Sapienza

Doina Vitu

Dr Georgina Macken

Dr. Lee Kwong Tim Jackson

Dwight Myers

Edgar Francisko

Elisabetta De Maria

Eniola Olajuwon Gbenga

Fehrmann, Uwe

Gabriel Lavoie

Gerlinde Keating

Greg Cliffe

Gunny Brørby

Hege Ullensvang

Helene Jacubowitz

Helmut Zbeczka

Henry (Hank) Spirek

Herbert Hermans

Hsieh Cheng Hsien

Irina Ges

Irina Howard

James Ellison

Jane Appleby

Joan Scheibel

John Buxton

Ken Macklin

Lam Jasmine Bauman

Larz Lindqvist

Lesley Daunt

Liza Hennessey Botkin

Maja Pavlovska

Michael K. Yamaoka

Miles Davis | Massive Burn Studios

Patrick Palmer

Paul Kenens

Ramón Rivas

Raymond Quenneville

Richard McNeill

Rob Parsons

Roland Reinert

Rudnik Mikhail

Sabine Geddert

Sharon Hernly

Sophie Le Gendre

Stephen Janton

Therese Boisclair

Thorsten Boehm

刘西龙 (Xilong Liu)


Winner of the 49th contest: Artist of the Year

1st Prize: Gabriel Lavoie, "the Quest"

2nd Prize: Paul Kenens, "The Yellow Pepper Journey"

3rd Prize: Doreen Irwin, "Mystique"

And 57 other awarded artists, all to be featured in a Virtual Exhibition on Artavita:

Alex Shender

Anne Felicie Nickels

Antonine Rodier

Aristi Hadjisavva

Betty Collier

Beverley Mannin Medine

Bonnie Sprung

Catto Art

Cher Pruys

Daniela Ament

David Stewart Klein

Diane Holland

Dr. Petra Dippold-Goetz

Edgar Francisko


Grace Paleg

Greg Cliffe

Hege Ullensvang

Henry (Hank) Spirek

Herbert Hermans

Hsieh Cheng Hsien

Irina Howard

Izak Matatya

Jackson Lee Kwong Tim

James Ellison

Joan Meade

Josée Tellier Artiste 3D

Katarzyna Środowska

Lisa Freeman-Wood

Luiz Todeschi

Maja Pavlovska

Malina, Friedrich


Matruka Sherman

Michael Dumas

Nicholas Zalevsky

Patricia Maguire

Patrick Webb

Piero Gianfranceschi

Porret Jean-Jacques

Prue Sanchez

Ramón Rivas

Reno Carollo

Roland Reinert

Ronald Walker

Šárka Darton

Shitikova Tatiana

Soilart Jo-DoJoong

Thuy Loan Tonnby

Tom Atwood

Vanessa Ashcroft

Varda Breger

Weins Weng

Wendy Cohen

Yan Liang

Youri Alexander Chasov


Winners of the 48th Online Contest - to be featured in Issue 8 of the World Wide Art Digital Magazine

1st Prize, Front Cover: Darko Stanic, "Homage to Guernica"

2nd Prize, Back Cover: Eric Hubbes, "Cyborg Love"

3rd Prize, Frontispiece: Georgina Macken, "Kitty"

And 37 other winners:

Angela Keller

Antonio Lippi

Aristi Hadjisavva

Berbel Lätt

Bert Liverance

Catherine Kuzma

Censu Fenech

Cher Pruys

Damisola Olusegun

Daniella Robinson

Elena Gastón Nicólas

Gallery F

Greg Cliffe

Gunny Brørby

Herbert Hermans

Ivan Iliev

James Ellison

John Howard

John Jaster

Kim C Chase

Leif Sohlman

Maja Pavloska

Monique Lafond

Nicole Farhi

Patrick Joosten

Paul Delpani

Paul Kenens

Rachelle Tate

Ramón Rivas

Ranulf Streuff

Rebecca Pascoe

Robert Ram

Roland Reinert

Susan Zatt

Sushila Oliphant

Thorsten Boehm

Wendy Cohen

Yoichiro Sakai


Winner of the 47th Online Contest: Maria Lattes

To be exhibited free at Spectrum - Red Dot Miami, December 1 - 5:






Winner of the 46th Online Contest: James Ellison

To be exhibited free at Art San Diego, October 1 - 3, 2021:

"A New Life", painting

"Seeing Anew", painting

"Peace in Chaos", painting

"Into the Desert", painting

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