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This is No. 5 from Waves of Colors series. Dimension is 100 by 100 cm. Acrylic on Canvas.

My artwork 1



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solar stroke exhibition held by Capital Culture House & Santana Gallery, Paseo de la Castellana, 190, Madrid, will present Beating Heart an abstract artwork by Patrick Joosten from June 1 to 9, 2024.

Solar Stroke



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Serenity Patrick Joosten's Serenity is a captivating exploration of tranquility through color and form. At first glance, the canvas envelops the viewer in a symphony of soft, soothing hues delicately placed to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity. At the heart of the composition is a delicate balance between vibrant tones and subtle gradients, creating a harmonious play of light and shadow. Soft pastel shades dance gracefully across the canvas, mingling with soft murmurs of deeper hues, as if orchestrating a tranquil melody for the eyes. In Serenity Joosten demonstrates his mastery of color and technique, the canvas serves as a sanctuary for relaxation and invites the viewer to bask in its quiet elegance. Original artwork signed P. Joosten at Front and at the back. Dimensions 115 x 80 x 4 cm. Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity 2024 - May 18th




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Step into a realm of boundless imagination, where the flowing acrylic colors enjoy in harmonious chaos, crowned by the exquisite allure of gold. 'Pleasant Mind: A Gold Touch Within' invites you to explore a world of positivity where the ethereal beauty of contemporary art meets the richness of golden dreams. Lose yourself in the intricate tapestry of emotions, as vibrant hues converge and diverge, creating a visual symphony that tantalizes your senses and whispers secrets to your soul. Surrender to the enchantment of the unexpected, where each shade unveils a hidden treasure. Let the golden touch within this masterpiece ignite your imagination and take you on a journey where the mind finds serenity in the midst of artistic wonder. The artist concluded that a pleasant mind works.....!

The pleasant mind



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My artwork Body Lying is part of the Venus Online exhibition hold by Exhibizone From 01-Jun-2024 To 01-Aug-2024.

Venus 2024 Online exhibition