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Win to exhibit up to 4 works free at Artexpo New York, March 30 – April 2

Artexpo York is one of the oldest and largest art fairs in New York, and it usually gets around 40,000 - 50,000 visitors. The 2023 edition will take place at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This is a very large, newly renovated exhibition center, and it is a beautiful venue.

Artavita will have a large pavilion there.

The winner of this contest will exhibit up to 4 works with Artavita, with no participation fee.

No size restrictions

All media are accepted.

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: November 4, 2022

Recent Entries

Angel WOMAN DOODLE THREE WOMAN DOODLE TWO WOMAN DOODLE ONE Eye See You Portrait of a Painter Glide In There Reflection Unnoticed Wake Up Call The Split STOP WAR "Skyline Musings" Speed of Life  CD 3D GROUCHO "Autumn" Ripe Papaya

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Past Contests

Winners: Free presentation in the 10th issue of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize: Front Cover: Dr. Georgina Macken, "Winter Train Ride"
2nd Prize: Back Cover: Dorianna Sinnett: "The Dance of the Creator"
3rd Prize: Frontispiece: Yuqian Sun: "Please Don't Go"

World Wide Art Magazine is published only online and is sent free to 235,000 readers, among whom are 30,000 gallery owners, 125,000 art fans, 8,500 art dealers, 45,000 art collectors and 20,000 art organizations. The magazine is also promoted through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The total audience reached is approximately 450,000 readers.

World Wide Art magazine is a great way for artists to showcase their art all over the world.

Publication: September 2022

All media are accepted

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: August 19, 2022

Winning Entries

Winter Train Ride The Dance of The Creator Artificial Fairies No.5 "Please Don't Go"

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Winners: Free presentation in the 9th issue of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize: Front Cover: Gabriel Lavoie
2nd Prize: Back Cover: Maksim Echein
3rd Prize: Frontispiece: Terra Kind Studio

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Contest with Theme: "Hope"

1st Prize: Edson Campos
2nd Prize: Domenico Goi
3rd Prize: Daniela Ament
and 57 other awarded artists

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1artavitaad2021 award1
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