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Artist of the Year 2021

1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize

The three top prize winners will be featured on the home page of the Artavita website, and in three separate pages in Important World Artists Volume 5, the prestigious art book published by World Wide Art Books, to be released this coming February.

The three winners and 57 other finalists will be also featured in a Virtual Exhibition on Artavita.

Participation fee $15 per image

Deadline for entries: December 10, 2021

Recent Entries

Have you seen it? GIRAFFE TOGETHER POND MYSTICAL IMPRISONED After fate comes the smile. That shows courage and strength. Bird You can be a good model at any age. born from my inside A Cellists Dream World My Life As The Midwife Ultra Blue The Arrow red Sea Underwater Desire of Gold Tourbillon The R.C. Orphanage Gouda inside

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Past Contests

Winners: Free presentation in the 8th issue of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize, Front Cover: Darko Stanic
2nd Prize, Back Cover: Eric Hubbs
3rd Prize, Frontispiece: Georgina Macken

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Winner: to exhibit up to 4 works free at Art San Diego, 1 - 3 October: James Ellison

With the works:
A New Life
Seeing Anew
Peace in Chaos
Into the Desert

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Winner: to exhibit free at Spectrum Brooklyn, 10 - 12 September, 2021: Apolonia Loborec

With the works:
"Acceptance", painting
"Orfeo and Eurydice", photography

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Winners: Free presentation in the 6th issue of World Wide Art Magazine

1st Prize, Frontispiece: Simona Zecca
2nd Prize: Back cover: Helene Jacubowitz
3rd Prize: First inside page after Frontispiece: Mariana Peirano

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