Jim Grossman

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My photographs reflect the moods and rhythms expressed in the grandeur, power and serenity of the natural and urban world. A rich diversity of experiences, from a career as a lawyer and social worker to far-flung travel and adventure, have all found their expression in my photography.

Growing up in Minnesota and now living in California — places filled with natural beauty — I have always found time for making photos. Now, as more time is my own, I explore the world — fascinated by its color and diversity. Traveling in Latin America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere, I now have time for adventure and discovery. It’s all out there and I do my best to explore what moves and transports me. I hope when you see my photographs, you’ll feel as if you’ve been there with me.


Lens On The World

In my photographs I seek to capture and share those moments that distill the essence of natural beauty and character that express themselves in the people, places and wildlife I encounter as I travel the world or explore closer to home.

Picasso In Stone “Picasso In Stone”

Mexico has so much to offer — rich history and culture, gracious and lovely people, beautiful mountains and beaches, and lively cities. Quite true, but on the beaches of the East Cape region of Southern Baja one evening I discovered something quite different. Made from sandstone by the forces of nature, I saw a work of art created instead by Pablo Picasso. Perhaps your interpretation is different?

Himalayan Moonscape “Himalayan Moonscape”

On my Everest Base Camp trek I passed through incredibly varied terrain. To me, this area suggested a moonscape. Now, I haven’t been to the Moon, but I’ve seen pictures. I know there are distinct differences, but the solitude and the rough texture of the soil and rocks resonated. Perhaps this view allows you to share a sense of presence in an alien world.

Shapes and Shadows “Shapes and Shadows”

I enjoy painting, so oftentimes I am drawn (no pun intended really), to many of the common elements found in all art. In this case, I was mesmerized by the shapes of the dunes at the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness and the shadows cast by those dunes and the cumulonimbus clouds above. Would have made for a wonderful painting.

Dazzle of Zebra “Dazzle of Zebra”

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Going on safari is no doubt one of the great adventures of a lifetime The sights you'll encounter will naturally bring you far outside your everyday experience. I was fortunate to see many zebras in this sprawling game park outside of Arusha, Tanzania. But seeing a dazzle of them -- yes, a group of zebras is delightfully referred to as a dazzle -- swimming across a waterhole as if choreographed, was exhilarating.

Himalayan Stream “Himalayan Stream”

My rest stop here stimulated each and every one of my senses. Spend time with the photo and the sights are before you. The glacial water stream was icy cold to the touch and its passing, in this silent spot, carried a soothing murmur. The air was bracing and clean and finally, I had a deep soft carpet to lie on. I’ve said it before, but I must say again — heaven!

Field of Dreams “Field of Dreams”

The dreams in this case are the singular Saguaro cactus, found here in Arizona’s Saguaro National Park. When you take in their multitudes in this shot, their random and varying shapes remind you of all the wonder and awe our environment can stir in our hearts.

Waves of Grain “Waves of Grain”

In tiny Nelson, Wisconsin, far off the beaten path, I encountered this idyllic scene. Patterns and color of course, are important elements we look for in art — here we see both in abundance.

Salton Sea “Salton Sea”

It's like discovering a lost land. One which contains California's largest lake, sitting at 236 feet below sea level and has such a high salinity, it is saltier than sea water. Because of this and its location in the Colorado Desert it has few residents and mostly abandoned old settlements. But if you like a unique adventure, explore this strange land and its tremendous lake and you will not be disappointed.

Resting in Fields of Gold “Resting in Fields of Gold”

Sometimes I’ll discover a spot and with camera and tripod in hand, I’ll just sink into the serenity and beauty of the environment. I’ll breathe in the air and wait for the light to be just so. Such was the case with this old barn that has been resting here so peacefully among the amber grasses, seemingly for eons.

Avenue of Giants “Avenue of Giants”

Imagine driving along a serene road for 31 miles through a thick forest of Giant Redwoods with nothing else in sight. If this sounds good to you, get yourself up to Northern California and into Humboldt Redwoods State Park and you will feel the calm of scenes like this.

Yukon Wild “Yukon Wild”

“Yukon” — what does that conjure for you? Vast wilderness, adventure, exploration, maybe even escape? It’s all there and I see it captured in this image. The wild Yukon River, the somewhat climate-stunted spruce trees and the Kluane National Park, with its Mount Logan (19,551 ft.) in the background. Go there for kayaking, hiking, skiing or even dog sledding.

Moonlight on Minnetonka “Moonlight on Minnetonka”

Pure romance! Imagine kicking back in this little runabout with its running lights on, its motor barely purring as it glides across a still lake just about as you’re to be bathed in a full harvest moon shadow. Are you there? Can you feel it?

Heaven and Earth “Heaven and Earth”

If you want to challenge yourself, to test your limits and maybe even get in touch with your life’s purpose, a trek in the Himalayas of Nepal is one adventure I’d recommend. Imagine yourself on this path and you may feel the immense scale and grandeur that surrounds you and your position on this planet.

Pathway to Tranquility “Pathway to Tranquility”

What could be more inviting than a pathway that leads you through a field of golden grasses, knowing as you look forward, that you’re going to be rewarded with an endless ocean view and a sky kissed by light from a setting sun. There’s a surprise though. When you reach the precipitous drop off at the bluff top, you’ll be looking down to the waves far below, beating against one of the most rugged coastlines you’ve ever seen!

Namche Bazaar, Nepal “Namche Bazaar, Nepal”

In my humble opinion, one of the best adventures in the world is trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. When I struck out from Katmandu and flew to Lukla in the Himalayas to begin my trek, one of the most unforgettable stops was here in Namche Bazaar. Look at the town, look at its backdrop and imagine that at 11,200 feet elevation, it’s one of the lower points in the Khumbu region. It was a real workout just climbing the hill to get to our lodge for the evening!

Point Reyes Lagoon “Point Reyes Lagoon”

I remember I almost missed this one, simply because my attention was elsewhere. I was exploring Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco. But later that day I saw it. The stillness of the water, the fog in the distance, the green of the moss and grass, and the yellow flowers. And the absolute silence. I look at this photograph now and the scene is just as I remember it — peaceful and calming.

Grand Canyon Sunset “Grand Canyon Sunset”

Yes, you’ve most likely seen the Grand Canyon before, certainly in photos, if not in person. The magic of the Grand Canyon resides not just in the epic scale of its geological wonder. As long as there is light to see, it will — like some form of alchemy — transform itself from one moment to the next. In this moment, just before being enveloped in darkness, the rays of the sun apply a light brush of color ever so carefully before tucking behind the horizon.

Tornado Sunset “Tornado Sunset”

There’s really no tornado here. But, I grew up in the Midwest where we had plenty of them and this scene reminded me of one. There’s a lot to see here: the wind farms found in the area of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains; the singular desert scenery of the Palm Springs region and of course...that sky!