Information about Artavita Virtual Exhibition

Artavita Virtual Exhibitions are a great way for artists and galleries to exhibit in a gallery setting… without a physical gallery!

You can exhibit up to 24 works, hung on the walls, and you can add as much information as you like, and prices, for each work. It can be a solo show or a group show.

You enter your own contact information, and interested buyers will contact you directly. The cost is $200 for one month. Artavita takes no commissions or other fees.

Create your own exhibition, add descriptions, information and prices for each work, and upload the image. Choose the location you like for each work.

Visitors to your exhibition can “walk” around your gallery space, zoom in on works to see details, or they can take the guided tour.

Fill in the information you want to appear on your poster, which you can send as an invitation to your contact list. You can also save your poster with the link to your exhibition, and upload this to your website and post it on social media. So your contacts can click on the poster and from there visit your exhibition.

Choose the date when you want your exhibition to start, and it will remain up for one month.

You can renew your exhibition as many times as you like. You can also edit your exhibition whenever you like; change works, add works (up to 24 in total), remove works, mark works as sold, and change prices and information.

Instructions how to set up your exhibition:

Go to the Virtual Exhibition section of the Artavita website, and click on “Create a Virtual Exhibition”

Fill in the information fields: give your exhibition a name, put in your name, and enter the name(s) of the exhibition artists - yes, it can be a group show. Enter whatever information or description you like about your exhibition. Choose an image you would like for the exhibition. This will also be the image on your poster.

Image requirements: Formats allowed: png, jpeg, jpg, gif. Size Limit: 10 MB. Images of less than 200 KB will not show up well.

Enter the date you want your exhibition to begin.

Click on “Save and continue to images”

For each work:

Enter title, name of artist, whatever description of the work you like (this is optional), choose a position in the gallery, enter height, width, choose centimeters or inches, year, medium and technique, edition number if that applies, and price. If at some point the work sells, you can go back and mark it sold.

When you have finished uploading your images, click on the blue button.

Look over your show, and if everything is OK, click on yellow button.

Make your payment, and your show is up!

Then download your poster.

If at any time you want to make changes to your show, go to Artavita, sign in, and click on “My Virtual Exhibitions” at the top of the page. You can make changes to the whole show or to any work in the show.