Lollie Ortiz


Interset Design

"Intersect" graphic geometric art created in 2019 by Lollie Ortiz, selected as finalist for the City of Martinez, California Call for Utility Box Art Program. Art produced as vinyl application onto two utility boxes, positioned from two different view points to create motion like presentation.

Intersect Design “Intersect Design”

Intersect Design created by Lollie Ortiz as final art selected by City of Martinez, California Call for 2019 "Utility Box Art Program."
Art design as fun bright entertaining presentation, and positioned from two different view points to create a sense of motion.
Art produced and installed by Vomela of South San Francisco.

Sea Breeze “Sea Breeze”

"Sea Breeze" photo art licensed by Marriott Hotel for lobby display at Marriott Courtyard NY Downtown Hotel.
Photo represents abstract impression of sea in vivid blue hues. Created in 2016.

Ripple Waters “Ripple Waters”

Original photo art reproduced in 2019 as a five-panel wall display for the San Juan Marriott Hotel Art Collection.

Moon Galaxy “Moon Galaxy”

Original abstract photo reproduced as five separate room photo display in 2016 as part of the New York Downtown Marriott Hotel Art Collections.

Antique Camera “Antique Camera”

2019 Photo of vintage camera added to the Agoura Hills, California Marriott Hotel Art Collection.

Manhole Covers “Manhole Covers”

Vector Art created as Maintenance Hole Art Submission.