Denise Miller

I have followed a typical path from college to career to motherhood. But nothing has provided more personal exuberance than my relationship with art.

My story begins with seven magical years in the music business followed by a mundane career in healthcare. Meanwhile I raised my children in a land of make believe, magic, and kaleidoscopes, with the idea that anything is possible. Whether I was creating, spectating or listening, I have been a passionate believer in art’s power to change the world.

Art is an anchor; We should have it in our lives everyday.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to
remain an artist once we grow up.” - Picasso


Rainmaker Art Studio- The DNA

TIME is the one thing you can’t replace. Thank you for spending yours with me.
I BELIEVE art heals. Whether we are creating, gazing, or listening, art provides a safe place to connect and be human. It anchors beautiful memories in our minds when most days are lost in chaos, stress and divisive mayhem. It is forever; it is personal; it is legacy.
This is a small curated collection of Rainmaker art that is meant to inspire you to create and connect.

"Quiver" “"Quiver"”

Vulnerable or nervous? Frightened or aroused? The image of a biting lip conjures all kinds of interesting thoughts. This gripping and undeniable painting will have you talking forever. It is truly timeless pop culture candy.

"Crack in the Pavement" “"Crack in the Pavement"”

This exquisite painting draws you into what looks a portal into another realm. Simple, clean and elegant wisps float atop of a black center creating a three-dimensional phenomenon that will spark conversation in any space.

"A Kiss from the 80s" “"A Kiss from the 80s"”

There is nothing more sensual than the slight opening of the mouth just before a kiss. Couple that pucker with the super hip vibe of the 80s and you have a time capsule of a painting. Whether you are an 80s super-fan or a child of the decade, this piece will take you to that special time when everything was beautiful.

"Wicked Winds" “"Wicked Winds"”

This painting captures that time when an ocean’s stormy squalls are lapping against the sunset; that time of night when green blue skies are laced with fiery sun and veiled in stormy purple clouds. There is that calm that washes over the water just before the storm, the smell, the warmth that you know will be followed by the chaos of a storm. If you love the rain, especially by the ocean, this painting should be yours.

"Wash Me" “"Wash Me"”

Hypnotic colors take you to a place of mystery and inhalation. Wonderful conversation piece with tons of color for conversation.