Sukanya Sarkar

Sukanya Sarkar

Location: India

I am a self-taught artist and mostly do abstracts.



I have always been intrigued by the mind of the human race - the thoughts, the feelings, the expressions that it creates and the manifestations in the different faces.

Being “Being”

A Charcoal, a face that lives on, toils on, breathes on from dawn to night to dawn to night to daw...........................................
Name: BEING Painting-painting; made on 140gsm paper, charcoal and pastel for any other colours; Size: 13.5x10.75(inch) +Frame - 2in border+0.5in wooden-frame - Final dimensions: 18.5x15.75(inch)

Conspiring “Conspiring”

An ink sketch - a mind that envisions only plots and conspiracies, sees and thinks the same in layers, nothing is straight or simple and gathers a following of the same.
Name: CONSPIRING Painting-abstract; made on 300gsm cold pressed 25% cotton paper, stained with water based ink and watercolour and water-proof ink; Size: 5x7(inch) +Frame - 3in border+0.5in wooden-frame - Final dimensions: 12x14(inch)

Famous “Famous”

An ink sketch - a face that has risen to be famous and in a power-position is eyed by all.
Name: FAMOUS Painting-doodle; made on 140gsm paper, sketched with black ink pen, started as a doodle but as usual never completed without an expression again perhaps the urge to pen comes from a thought; Size: 6.875x9.5(inch) +Frame - 2in border+0.5in wooden-frame - Final dimensions: 11.875x14.5(inch)

Secret Rendevouz “Secret Rendevouz”

The first meeting.
Name: SECRET RENDEVOUZ Painting-thought doodle; made on 140gsm paper, sketched & stained with black ink pen, just wanted to ink an expression; Size: 12x11(inch) +Frame - 2in border+0.5in wooden-frame - Final dimensions: 17x16(inch)

The Middle Class “The Middle Class”

the middle class - nuclear family, the man bearing the load and the shield to his family his possession
Name: MIDDLE CLASS Painting-doodle; made on 100gsm paper, doodle with watercolour; Size: 3.75x5.75(inch) +Frame - 4.5in border+0.5in wooden-frame - Final dimensions: 13.75x15.75(inch)