Amrita Sethi

Amrita is an award-winning artist born and raised in Kenya, a British citizen of Indian origin. She has lived in Dubai since 2007 and has also resided in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the United Kingdom and. Amrita’s art reflects her international diversity and combines the sweetness of traditions with the energy of a modern world, to showcase the rich layers that can make up a country’s identity and a person’s character.
Amrita has had a successful career, spanning 15 years, in some of the world’s largest multinational banks and insurance companies, She has held multiple positions across sales, distribution, marketing, communication, strategy and leadership. Amrita left the corporate world for a more entrepreneurial and creative calling which led to her creating her two collections – Voice note Art © and the Global Collection.
Amrita studied Mixed Media at Central Saint Martins, part of the University of the Arts London (UAL). She also holds an MSC in Development Economics and a BA Hons degree in Economics from The University of Manchester in the UK.
Amrita’s Collection Voice note Art © has won an award and has been show cased internationally since its debut release at Art Dubai this year, March 2019. The unique idea led to her recognition and winner of the Outstanding Artist Award at World Art Dubai April 2019 as it uses art, sound, technology and connectivity to bring her works to life. Amrita created live activations and installations at Art Dubai 2019 and Asia Contemporary Art Fair in Hong Kong in October 2019. She has also painted a mural at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, a prestigious location in the UAE. Amrita is one of the 10 core artists selected for World Expo 2020.
A word is worth a thousand pictures.
Whether it’s a city, a person’s name, a feeling or a concept (for eg Opportunity, Mobility, Sustainability), the sound of that word/ phrase creates a flood of images that streams into the mind's eye to capture the spirit and essence of the sound.
Amrita first records a voice note, for example a city/ person/ feeling etc and captures its fluid shape and structure of the sound wave. Then she hands draws each vertical line into individual images that encapsulates the beauty, spirit and essence of that voice note. When its complete, it magically combines the artwork with the shape of the sound to create new Voice note Art ©.
Each Voice note Art (c) comes with its own QR Code merging Art with Technology. When the QR code is activated, it plays the audio of the voice note that was used to create the artwork.
Whether it is a standard design, or a custom-made Voice note Art (c) the QR code brings the artwork to life. Stick it alongside the artwork so that others can interact with your art piece


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