Vladimir Demidovich

My name is Vladimir Demidovich.I was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1951. I was studied at the Kyrgyzstan Art College,graduating in 1979.I worked on public art projects doing mosaics,commercial posters and other decorative art works. I moved to United States with my family in 2004.

My inspiration comes from my world travels. I love to travel, and I've been exposed to many beautiful scenes and places that inspire my vision. Any subject I take, I try to spread the color in it and to rebrand it. My goal is only to make any painting beautiful for the viewer, no matter whether it is a still life or a landscape. Whether it's a special place that touches them, or a personal memory, my goal when I paint is to create a lasting impression the viewer will cherish forever.

I use oils, pastels and charcoals to create, and my preferred style is Impressionism. My art is influenced by the Hermitage Museum and The Louvre, and especially by Expressionist and Impressionist painters, who had painted their artworks freely and without any borders. All of this has been drilled into my head and now has influence on all of my artistic processes.


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