Bortolo Marola

Bortolo Marola

Location: Canada

I was born in Marola di Chiuppano, in northern Italy, just a few short miles from the Palladian centers of Vicenza, Verona, Venice, and Padua, where art is embraced and regarded as an integral part of everyday life.
Art for me has been a life-long journey of exploration, which began when I won all three top prizes in a national art competition while still in grade school.
My work is all about emotion, colour, and distilling the fleeting moment of inspiration: that evanescent spark which stimulates my imagination and compels me to cry out with joy at the sight of a sunbeam filtering through the silence of a mist-shrouded shore. Always I seek to capture that instant and the beauty around me, and to share my vision with the world.
I’m a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. I’ve had numerous successful solo exhibitions both in Canada and in my native Italy where I’ve developed a respectable following and received considerable critical acclaim. My work has been selected for calendar and magazine covers and many of my paintings are held in both corporate and private collections across Canada, the U.S., Japan, Britain and Italy.

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Acrylic Paintings

Sunset Point “Sunset Point”

Acrylic on Canvas
One of my favorite soul searching locations to visit and paint.

Morning Has Broken “Morning Has Broken”

Acrylic on Canvas
Uplifting and Inspirational

Romancing the Stone “Romancing the Stone”

Acrylic on Canvas

Autumn in Lombardy “Autumn in Lombardy”

11x14, Acrylic on wrap around canvas
The Italian landscape in autumn is filled with colors and moments that uplifts my spirit and soothes my soul.