Nicholas Epov

Nicholas Epov was born in Moscow. He graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. His profession is an artist and his speciality -theatrical-decorative art (art Director)
He worked as the main artist in various theaters of Moscow. In parallel he is engaged in painting since 1965.
His works are presented at the Bakhrushin Museum of the city of Moscow and in private collections in Russia, Holland, Yugoslavia and Japan.The honored worker of arts of Russia


Graphics color

Pastime theatre artist

Loneliness “Loneliness”

Technical pen, watercolor. 35х50 cm, 2006

Hospice “Hospice”

Technical pen, watercolor, 40x60,2001

Mystical still life “Mystical still life”

Technical pen, watercolor,white,40x60 cm, 1999

House Keeper “House Keeper”

Technical pen, watercolor, 40x60 cm, 2000

Prophecy “Prophecy”

Technical pen, watercolor, 45x65 cm, 2001

Baby still life “Baby still life”

watercolor,55x55 cm, 1998

Still life of Antiques “Still life of Antiques”

watercolor, 40x60 cm,2010

Drought “Drought”

watercolor, 30x40 cm, 2008

Desert roses “Desert roses”

Technical pen,watercolor,40х35 cm, 2016

Angel “Angel”

Technical pen, watercolor, 40x35 cm, 2008

Wind rose “Wind rose”

watercolor,45x50 cm,2017

Wind, sound, music “Wind, sound, music”

Technical pen, watercolor, 60x40 cm, 2017