Location: Unknown

Full name: Cremildo Walter Zandamela
Nationality: Mozambican
Date of birth: 18 August 1978
Marital status: Single
Cellophane: +258 82 2798340
@ :
Well known by: Artist, Walter Zand

Art Education
2012- Finishing product design curse at ISARC, Culture and arts Institute, Matola, Mozambique.
2001 - Diploma completed, Technical Medium, for Ceramic-Arts-Design in the National Visual Arts School of Maputo Mozambique.
2003- Certificate in Teaching Young Learners of English at Language Lab

Major Exhibitions, Workshops and Awards, since 1995 to 2012


1995- "Descobertas" (Discoveries)- Castel of Maputo, 1997-"Instituto Camões"(Portuguese Culture Centre ), 1998- Representing Mozambique in the final selection of the International Poster Contest on "Generations Living Together" sponsored by United Nations Population Fund, 2000- "Art & Sport" Musee Olympique Lausanne, 2001- "Bienal TDM"(biennale of the telecommunication company, 2003-"Descobertas" (Discoveries)- culture of culture in Maputo, group exhibition, (2004-2006) taken part in other important group exhibition in gallery called Max Design in Maputo, 2003- 1STsolo presentations at Ethnologic National Museum in Nampula Province, North of Mozambique, 2006-2nd Solo exhibition called, Silence of Vision, at Cultural Centre Franco Mozambican in Maputo, 2010- 3rd solo exhibition called, Odyssey, at BCI culture Centre, Investments and Commercial Banc, 2012- 4th Solo exhibition called, Traces at Maputo Castel, 2007- Invited by Sebastião Matsinhe to take part in group exhibition,(Paying Homage to a Man in Maputo. 2008- Selected to take part in group presentation of art in, National Art Committee called (FUNDAC), Arts ,Culture Develop National Fund in Maputo. 2009 Biennale Cape 09, 2010-Biennale (ISAC),Arts and Culture Height Institute in Matola Mozambique.

Workshops -Residences

1999- Studio for Printmaking ,paint and sculpture in (Academy of art at Durban Natal ),also he has taken part several Workshop of shadow art in Maputo –Mozambique.2006 –Selected to represent , Maputo in (CPLP) Biennale young Artist from the Community of Portuguese Speakers Countries, Mozambique-Matalana in Malangatana Studios.2008 Residence at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.2011, Residence ,Cape Craft & Design Institute. Cape Town.


2003- 1st prize (Installation)”Descoberta” (Discoveries) Competition,Mozambique.2001-Honor Mention (Paint)”Descoberta” (Discoveries) Competition,Mozambique.2004-1st prize (Design Competition)-Aid to Artisans,Mozambique.2004-2nd prize (Drawing) National Museum of Art ,Competition ,Mozambique.2005-1st prize (Drawing) Revelation Artist in competition, called (FUNDAC, Malangatana Prize ), Arts ,Culture Develop National Fund in Maputo. 2011- 1st prize of logotype, UNESCO competition called Mozambique Creative.


Member of, Art Nucleon in Mozambique, VANSA, Western cape South Africa and
InSEA, Art Education Association, Canada.


2012- Start to expand the art for unusual supports in Mozambique like, painting in vinculum.
2011- Illustrations for infant book called, formiga juju na cidade das papayas, please see the site. This is a social project to promoting creativity and likely in reading for kids, in townships.
2007- Mural in the National Office of the Workers (HIV) problems and solutions in Matola Mozambique.


Public and private collections in, Mozambique and other countries.


2000- Art and Sport, catalogue, MUSEE OLYMPIQUE LAUSANNE, 2005- Proler, Mozambique, 2008- Percursos e Olhares, Mozambique, Perrier’s 2006 and 2012- Several national papers, radios, televisions and magazines publish some information about Walter Zand, works.


Teaching Visual Arts as part time in Maputo.
, Full time artist since 1995. Live in Maputo Town, (Xipamanine).