Ellina Katsnelson

Ellina Katsnelson

Location: Israel

Ellina Katsnelson is a member of International Cultural Union, from Israel.
BIO of Ellina Katsnelson is:
The last Exhibitions: London Art Biennale 2013
Palermo Art Biennale 2015 , The Grande Exposition at Gustav Eiffel Tower 23.10.14 , Carrusel Art Shopping Louvre Museum Exhibition 24,25,26/10/14 , Rotterdam Art Fair -GAA 11,12,13/09/2014 , Oxford Art Fair 6,7,8/02/15 by Global Art Agency, etc-go to www.google.com


I see reflection

The technique is the objects come in the moment of creation, from the night dreams , watch in www.youtube.com -Oxford Art Fair by Global Art Agency 6,7,8 /02/15

Nowhere is here “Nowhere is here”

Nowhere is here, oil on canvas- i see the dreams, i paint according the emotional condition-from night dreams-like Stalker resirching the different dimensions...

Free my heart... “Free my heart...”

Free My heart,oil on canvas, i create my works in special condition of mind-transcendental condition of mind

The Darkness of my soul “The Darkness of my soul”

The Darkness of my Soul , oil on canvas , it was a dream of the moment when my soul is being plunged into the darkness

Shadow reflection “Shadow reflection”

Shasow Reflection, oil on canvas-Instalation

Sarazin “Sarazin”

Sarazin, oil on canvas , 90x50 cm

The Angel of Death “The Angel of Death”

The Angel of Death, oil on canvas, 100x70 cm

Twins-Sphinxs “Twins-Sphinxs”

Twins-Sphinxs , oil on canvas, 100x70 cm

the hidden “the hidden”

The hidden..., oil on canvas-Instalation

Vedursh “Vedursh”

Vedursh,oil on cnavas,oil on canvas, 100x40 cm

Blue Warrior “Blue Warrior”

Blue Warrior , oil on cnavas, 100x70 cm