Shu Ling Chou

Shu Ling Chou

Location: Taiwan

Shu Ling Chou was born in 1959 and majored in Chinese literature in university. She studied art at Taipei fine art museum for many years as well as photography, oil painting, water color painting, Chinese painting etc. She has also studied sculpture and nude sculpture at a community university.
She experiments with materials using mediums like card paper, pictures, clay, iron wire, drawing,
but also with meditation and with the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness.

“Art is not just art. Art is a way to find your true self. Everybody can and should do it. The world will be better and peaceful when people find out who they really are. Everything just exists in the inner world waiting for being explored. Nothing should exist in the real world but in self. You just find a start point to float in the four dimensional space and then you will find your own world, a world you never knew before”. Shu Ling Chou participated in 2003 at the Chinese Painting Exhibition Fair. In 2010 she exhibited her sculptures for the Chinese New Year, at the Buddhist Temple of the Three Gorges GOLD Guangming, of Taipei County.

Member of The Sculpture Assciation of Taiwan
2011 Study Stone Carving at Taiwan university of Art
2012 Exhibition of "Sculpture vs. Environment's Conversation" from Sculpture Association of Taiwan

Cell Number:+886930301372