Mary Faye Claggett

Mary Faye Claggett is a native of Ashton, Maryland currently residing in Clinton, Maryland. After graduating Spelman College with a degree in Chemistry, Mary went on to pursue a career in clinical research, focusing in Oncology. In 2018, her father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and Mary used art as a way to de-stress while taking her father to/from chemotherapy in Baltimore.

She later became obsessed with fluid art painting, and with the pandemic, came the time to devote to the practice. Clinical Research is very much a “global” professional, and Mary originally sent her initial paintings to co-workers all over the world, from The Netherlands, to Mumbai, India as a way to bring a few minutes peace to healthcare colleagues during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mary was raised on a small farm in a largely agricultural section of Maryland. As a result, much of her art is heavily influenced by nature, at both a macroscopic and microscopic level. She utilizes her scientific curiosity and understanding of basic chemistry principles to express herself artistically.

Mary is a fluid art abstractionist. Her own style could be described as scientific fantasy with inspiration derived from nature; art to bring peace and serenity.
She has been exhibited at Arts’tination Gallery at National Harbor, MD, Wellspring Manor and Spa in Upper Marlboro, MD, and LED Baltimore in Baltimore, MD.


Mary Claggett's Portfolio 2024

Volcano 2023 “Volcano 2023”

1 of 3 of a series of abstract pieces featuring an ombre pattern with fluid art. Acrylic on canvas.

The Darien Gap “The Darien Gap”

2 of 3 of a series of pieces featuring an ombre pattern, acrylic on canvas.

Shades of Blue “Shades of Blue”

3 of 3 of a series, acrylic on canvas featuring an ombre pattern and fluid art.

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

2022, SOLD, an interpretation of a self portrait of the artist. 12X12 inch on canvas.

Primary Flower “Primary Flower”

SOLD, 16X16 inch original acrylic on canvas, 2022

Blueberry Flower “Blueberry Flower”

SOLD, 12X12 inch original acrylic on canvas, 2022

Harvest Flower “Harvest Flower”

SOLD, original 12X12 inch acrylic on canvas.

Army of Me “Army of Me”

Original Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

Mind Trip “Mind Trip”

Original 16X16 inch on canvas, 2022.

Red Flower Table “Red Flower Table”

18 inches in diameter, 22 inches in height, recycled table in acrylic coated in tabletop epoxy., 2022

Anxiety Subsides “Anxiety Subsides”

2024, 36X24, Acrylic on canvas.