Joseph Liberti

Joseph Liberti artist, musician and bonafide tree hugger creates abstract expressions of the everyday nature of Colorado. Joseph's goal is to invite the viewer into a moment of engagement with the sublime. I improvise with colors, shapes, textures and light to create a digital collage or digital painting that expresses my experience. Joseph is a self-taught artist who says he creates art in much the same way as he play jazz flue - "I improvise and get into a creative groove where the spirit of the moment takes over and the art like a melody, reveals itself. " Joseph's home and studio are a short walk from Garden Of The Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado where much of the inspiration of his art begins.


Joseph Liberti Art

Joseph's portfolio includes art from his Reaching In collection of digital collage prints and his Wild Card collection of abstract paintings. Joseph's art invites the viewer into a connection with the nature of the moment and a connection with their own inner self.

In The Leaves “In The Leaves”

Within the sailing colors and energy of the leaves of trrds in Garden Of The Gods park Colorado

Rust To Dust “Rust To Dust”

In This award-winning piece ged rusty oak leaves evolve into the next form of their journey.

Exuberant Fall “Exuberant Fall”

Red leaves joyously celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Autumn Ecsatsy “Autumn Ecsatsy”

This piece was inspired by a hike with dear friends of a splendid colorful trail near Golden, Colorado. The perfect weather, the sensational scenery and a loving connection combined into an ecstatic experience. This piece won Gold in an international competition.

Renewal “Renewal”

We got out of the car and discovered that a forest fire had devastated the trees around an old favorite hiking trail. Rising between burnt trunks new growth showed a promising scene of renewal.

Seasons “Seasons ”

This abstract expression invites us to look deeper into the process of change.

Morning Blossom “Morning Blossom”

Joy blooms on a sunny winter morning in Colorado.

Silent Pasture “Silent Pasture”

Inspired by an early morning hike through a high country pasture above Woodland Park Colorado.

Runway Oak “Runway Oak”

An oak cluster in Garden Of The Gods struts the runway one more time.