Salvia Francesco

Salvia Francesco

Location: Italy

I was born on the day of the summer solstice in 1950 to Laurenzana, a small village in Basilicata, but I've always lived in Milan, where I studied, I was trained professionally, graduating in Physics, and worked in the field of telematics and Information Technology My professional life took me in another direction with respect to art, but I always cultivated my passion for drawing, using pencils, crayons, oil pastels, ink, giving vent to my creativity and imagination. Since I retired from work, the greater availability of free time allowed me to step up production of work and I have chosen the use of markers because I find them practical, fun and allow me to suspend the execution at any time to devote tennis players that is my other great passion, sports and the outdoors. I never attended courses in painting or drawing, nor intend to do so, not presumption, but I do not want to put too much in my job accomplishments or be induced to copy, imitate someone or something even unconsciously. I would like to remain a pure amateur, a naif that test and experiment according to their own intuition and inspiration, continuing to feel emotions in the construction phase and hope that the end result will give to those who observe it. A review of all my works are published on my website,
I like to draw and paint everything ... landscapes, still life’s, nudes, scenes and everything that flows in front of my eyes, or more often what is formed in the imagination of my mind. I always put a touch of irony in my work, because I think that we should not take herself too seriously ... and in fact, I made almost 200 caricatures of all my friends who I fight on the tennis court. In the period 2009 to 2014, I have also created many cartoons on politics and society, but then I stopped because disgusted by events, people and more. I always need to invent something new ... kind draw the zodiac sign of my friends using their initials ... I have made several and I have collected them in a book, by entering their caricatures and the meaning of their name. Some of my drawings I used them as a backdrop for some of my poems and I made a book, titled WORDS DRAWN. At the end of 2014, I started to represent situations, moments and feelings of everyday life, using figurines ethnic faceless because I think that in this historical period and in this society we are all a little 'anonymous. I called this my kind NORMOREALISMO. Someone said that recalls De Chirico of the period of New York ... I really do not have inspired him or anyone else, partly because not much of a museum-goer, and I love the outdoors, sports, drawing and painting only when bad weather forces me to stay at home. I am an artist of smuggling ... my friends call me the artennista ...



I started to represent situations, moments and feelings of everyday life, using figurines ethnic faceless because I think that in this historical period and in this society we are all a little 'anonymous. I called this my kind NORMOREALISMO. Someone said that recalls De Chirico of the period of New York ... I really do not have inspired him or anyone else

speechless, lift discomfort “speechless, lift discomfort”

The discomfort that often comes when we are in a closed and tight as a lift in the company of people who are acquaintances and with whom they share almost nothing.
It 'a growing unease and ends only when we come out with a great sense of relief.
(... lift discomfort ...)

Tecno family “Tecno family”

Tecno family
Today mobility and stay connected are essential things that we know do without.
At any time of the day we use our terminals to stay in touch with others and without them we feel lost.
The modern family is conditioned by the time strongly influenced by technology.
At night when you find yourself at home, he continues with his work tool, she is distracted with the tablet easy and the guy does not come off inseparable phone.
They are all connected always out ... but disconnected in!

Virtual contacts in the city solitude “Virtual contacts in the city solitude”

Today life moves fast and technology makes us to spend much of our time on the network. Creating many relationships resulting from virtual contacts especially in large cities ... but often these are superficial, ephemeral and ultimately remains the solitude of the four walls in the house that breaks with the usual beer ...

be, look, live or exist “be, look, live or exist”

On land we are a multitude of men and women all the same, anonymous counterparts.
Many try to distinguish themselves from others, trying to get noticed with extravagant fashions of clothing, hairstyle and tattoos, which exhibit so exhibitionist and provocative.
For others, the important thing is to appear in the media for any reason and at any cost to prove that exist and pursue an ephemeral personal success.
Most people lead a normal, flat, repetitive and watch others or with indifference or with envy.
Begs the account: "Today what is the most important thing? be, look, live or just exist ... "
Each of us gives the answer with their behavior ... the important thing is that it is spontaneous, not forced and not conditioned.

Awe, silence, hope ... “Awe, silence, hope ...”

Some events of extreme violence leave us dismayed by their cruelty and brutality.
Immediately after that we can not remain in absolute silence for the respect of the victims.
Then we just hope in the willingness of men to work hard and sincerely wanting to live in peace.

Christmas at Littlewood's home “Christmas at Littlewood's home”

Christmas is no longer the occurrence of a time, waiting with trepidation, where the tradition was that the whole great family would gather around the tree or the crib to be together and united.
Today it has become a party a bit 'of consumerism, for several experienced even with some discomfort, you simply have to exchange gifts.
At Littlewood’s home there is... the little tree with the usual gifts!

nigth sTASI “nigth sTASI”

These three poor blockheads are facing yet another administrative challenge (TASI) imposed by the legislature.
The term is running out ... it is night, in an atmosphere of deep stagnation have not been able to figure the damn Gabello!
They are in a state of "stagnation night '...
Government thief!

resignation, time passes and the day is behind “resignation, time passes and the day is behind”

Life is cruel but time is a gentleman.

We have a life marked by pain programmed and sudden pain.
We do not know us a reason of the first and curse the sky for seconds.
We hope that time passes quickly to soothe our sorrows,
erase our fears and give us the strength to live.
Often the memory of the past pervades us a melancholy
that attenuates the rare moments of joy and serenity of this.
Then returns insecurity for the uncertain future
and you do not know where to find the strength to keep fighting.
In reason, in the hope, in faith?
Perhaps simply by drawing energy from peaceful moments,
by the love and affection of the people who stands close to the time it is intended.
(my poetry)

magic and mysterious moments “magic and mysterious moments”

The days follow one after the other.
Everyone is different both from the previous that from what will follow.
They bring joy and serenity, few, sorrows and pains, so many, but they are part of the life of each of us.
But every day there are two moments that are a beauty, beauty, mystery and magic of those who leave us astonished, almost hypnotized by their splendor.
Are the moments when the sun rises or sets, the moments when a new day is born or the current one dies and is renewed the miracle of life.
Facing the sea with the sun on the horizon, bathed in golden light, we stop making plans budgets morning or evening ... depends on where we are ... to the east or west