Ramón Rivas




Ramón Rivas, born in the Lands of Don Quixote in Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha / Spain). He did his university studies in Madrid. Industrial Engineer, Master (Magister) in Sport Management and Direction by the Olympic University Institute (COE and Complutense University of Madrid). European Diploma in Strategic Planning. Inventor, National Tennis Coach and creator/performer of a Dance-Tennis pedagogical disc. Diploma in Graphic Design, Advertising Production and Professional Web Design.
He has worked in direction and management in public and private companies, also, advertising work, design, organization of big events; Davis Cup, Federation Cup, Exhibitions...etc.
The professional and artistic activity of his family, for several generations, has influenced his role in the art world since his childhood. The multidisciplinary influence of his professional activities; in sports, music, engineering and art, both in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid, was decisive for the creation, within the art world, of a very personal and different style, which has been called Rivismo, based on the application of Experiential Brushstrokes. Ramón Rivas' creativity thrives on being different and working on artistic proposals that surprise and captivate the viewer. He applies his vivid imagination to create innovative works that interact with the public showing precision, density and captivating depth in his images.
Since 2005, he has carried out continuous research work, reinforcing the Concepts and Philosophy that predominate in Rivismo and that have given prominence to material elements to which he has assigned aspects, functions and values of people.
In his personal style he uses, preferably, the mixed technique. The content of his works is designed for large formats with the aim of provoking the viewers to walk through the entire space of the painting and become creative artists during their journey through the stage and for the duration of the images recorded in their retina.
Renowned art professionals have recognized the exceptional originality and aesthetic appeal of the work of Ramon.
His unique vision and exceptional abilities did not have not only captivated audiences around the world but have also contributed significantly to the enrichment of the art world.
As a testimonial note, the editor of World Of Art magazine commented on the works of Ramón Rivas: "The doors of art history are definitely open for you, brilliant and excellent works of art. Difficult to make an exhaustive selection, we are impressed! "
His talent has been recognized through solo and group exhibitions in several countries, including Spain, China, South Korea, Italy, Denmark, France and the United States. He has actively participated in art fairs in the United States and his art is proudly exhibited in museums in Spain, Denmark and South Korea. Ramon's artistic contributions have also appeared in numerous books, magazines and catalogs, consolidating his presence in the art world. In addition, this exceptional talent has been honored with prestigious international awards, further cementing his reputation as a distinguished artist.


The Rivismo, the personal style of Ramón Rivas

My work is very personal. I use my creativity to be different and look for artistic proposals that surprise and excite.
I apply my imagination to develop creative, innovative works that interact with the viewer. I work in an orderly and methodical way. I supervise the good execution and composition. I incorporate scientific themes. I make the painting a walkable space for the viewer. I create images of precision, density and depth that are visually captivating.
My works provoke the viewer, turning him into a creative artist during his visual journey and while the images recorded on his retina last.