Assia Assameur

Assia Assameur

Location: Canada

Fueled by her unique, fresh view of contemporary art, she melds her artistic universe very close to the human form. This emotion, tinged with fantasy and symbolism, arises in her photography work and her paintings.

From a young age, Assia has loved working with materials and colors, and transcribes her playful imagination into her paintings by developing a recognizable style that makes them stand out. Using a mixed media acrylic-based technique, she gracefully cuts the female subjects she promotes like actors of an imaginary and enigmatic dream theater. This female world, symbolic and fluid, reveals its various influences of Chagall, Poliakoff, Leonor Fini and Preraphaelists.

Assia has already won the attention of several amateur and private collectors in Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. They are attracted to the originality of her style and await the arrival of its achievements “series”.
Due to her great love of the theater, Assia also volunteers as Chair of the Board Theater Complice.


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