Christian Nicolson

I am a multi disciplinary artist. I live on the outskirts of auckland in New Zealand. i love the beach and go surfing alot. I studied design and worked in this industry for many years before turning to fine art. I primarily paint and have managed to get into some art publications with my work including New Zealands favourite artist by dennis robinsons part 2. I make large outdoor sculptures and installations, use photography music and film in my work. I have usually one exhibition a year and enter large sculpture shows also. I love being creative. thank you.


christian nicolson

this was the title piece for my latest show called 1989. It was about growing up as a teenager in the 80s.

there can be only one “there can be only one”

television had a big effect on me when I was young and the heroes that it presented.

caster bay “caster bay”

this is one of my local beaches which. I love the beach and often paint the landscapes that means alot to me.

wheres your helmet boy “wheres your helmet boy”

little mischief exhibition. I was exploring the difference to growing up when I grew up to the attitudes we have to child raising now in this over pc age of too much information.

in search of barebottomland “in search of barebottomland”

a 25 foot high wooden sculpture of a giant. Made for the sculpture on shore exhibition in auckland 2010. macrocarpa, paint and screen print.

this means war “this means war”

a large scale painting on cardboard on a wall in the wallace art gallery. My life as a warrior age 10. Most of my work is based around me as a kid and I am exploring the differences between now and then.