Zoëv Phara

Zoëv Phara

Location: Belgium

The graphic findings of Zoëv

Phara Zoëv was born in 1955 in Belgium and grew up in Bruges.
She is autodidact.
She has a long career since 1976.
Then she painted naïve art called FOVE.

She has entered a more personel way of art under the name Zöev.

She has participated in some group exhibitions, several personel exhibitions
in Belgium ( Antwerp, Spa, Libramont… ), The Netherlands ( Rotterdam ),
France ( Paris ) and USA ( New York, Las Vegas ).
Her works belong to private collections.

Zoëv signs Zöev

e-mail : zoev@telenet.be
website : http://users.telenet.be/zoev


Zoëv brings Zöev Paintings

Zoëv is a mystery; she would allude to the quick, clenched and relentless rhythms, by which her work is created.

The work arises suddenly or may not.
It really is an art that she finds and invents, who spontaneously emerge very rhythmic, elegant and playful, a kind of "écriture automatique" as the Surrealists and Dadaists who have honored this principle.

This art is so personal.
But surely, the artist has meant something different, something deeper, more versatile, an own mark, an icon.
All priority in this new art is clearly to the line.

She shows abstract paintings, three dimensional works with vitreous paint and drawings made of India ink on paper and figures in metal (stainless steel) cut with the laser.

e-mail : zoev@telenet.be
website : http://users.telenet.be/zoev

Figures in metal

Figures in metal (stainless steel) cut with the laser

Hunt “Hunt”

Figure in metal (stainless steel) cut with the laser


Drawings made of India ink on paper