Robin Stříbný

Robin Stříbný
5.11.1974-lives in Klatovy
Painter inspired by history
He belongs to the rising generation of Klatovy artists. He was born in Klatovy and has shown artistic talent since childhood. He attended an art school on Plánická street. He started with more significant work
in the war. His teacher became the Klatovy painter Jindřich Bílek. He prefers to paint with oil on canvas, but at the same time he tries new techniques.
His contribution is the depiction of the original concept of portraits of the Virgin Mary of Klatovy, inspired by Baroque reflections of old Klatovy painting workshops. Some of his paintings are owned by the Museum of National History
Dr.Hostaše in Klatovy. According to the publication Painters under the Black Tower.


women and nature

women and nature “women and nature”

Painting: Oil, Gesso, Plastic on Canvas, Plastic, Wood.

womanq and nature
material of canvas ,plastic a agate
oil painting
inspiring nature and woman