Y Pathe

Y Pathe is the alter ego of Gary Williams. Pathe is from the lineage of Cezanne, Braque, and Picasso. Pathe is the spirit that frees creativity and experimentation.
Y Pathe is currently showing exclusively at Art Moderna Gallery in Tucson, Arizona. www.aartmoderna.com


Art Moderna

Paintings and sculpture about the shapes and the blending of contours. The feel of the paint on the surface and the push, pull and intent of the line.

Ropa I “Ropa I”

The first in a series about a fashion magazine image. What they are selling is often a guess. What are the models thinking? This first painting explores the passion, and sexual contrast presented, but hints of change.

Ropa III “Ropa III”

Color and shape is intensified. He is straining to retain macho. She is trying to keep her symbol in place while spiritually checking out. Don't you wonder when looking at this type ad image? What are the models thinking? Who are these people, really? Maybe this is part of the appeal.