Portus Ojomo

Portus Ojomo

Location: Belgium

Portus Ojomo is born in 1952 in Nigeria. Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and at the Instituto Allende - Mexico. Painter and Sculptor of monumental arts.
His training was based on the values of western ( mainly European ) history and tradition in art.
A contemporary artist who evolved and intermingled the African art tradition with the dominant western culture in arts. Awarded the Instituut Emile Vandevelde prize for creativity in 2010.
Works in the collections of official and private entities in Belgium and abroad.


"Visitors 1"

Acrlic on Canvas
The Mediterranean route, known for its dangers, has claimed the lives of thousands of refugees, with instances of drowning becoming distressingly common.

"Visitors 1" “"Visitors 1"”

Acrlic on canvas

"the grey wall" “"the grey wall"”

Acrylic on canvas

"Dont look back" “"Dont look back"”

Lithography Woodcut. Nr. 1/6
frames. 50x40cm.