Location: Germany

I was born at the beginning of the 80s
in the middle of Germany. Grew up in a small idyllic
village in the beautiful green heart of Germany.

At the age of 20, painting stepped into my life.
I startet as an autodidact.

Me Marleen …My life is characterized by 2 passions, my work as a lighting technician for concerts and painting. The work as a lighting technician is very versatile and irregular. I am physically challenged here by the regular assembly and construction of technical equipment and even creative when creating lighting design and programming light shows for concerts and events.

The painting contrasts with this work. I love experimental, abstract works using different structure pastes, sand, wood, wire, mirrors, paper and rhinestones.

My thoughts are colorful and confused, sometimes crazy and confusing and rise my artworks. There's never a plan or even a sketch. It just happens.

With the help of the painting I found another level of creativity, which perfectly balances out my life.
While the Corona- Crisis I took the time to study Graphic Design. So now, I also work as a Graphic Designer… Creativity is nearly everywhere in my life…



Golden Satellite “Golden Satellite”

Acrylics on canvas - 80 x 100 cm

Little Monsters “Little Monsters”

Acrylics on canvas - 50 x70 cm

Faryland “Faryland”

acrylics ob canvas, 80x60cm, 2015

Vulcano Island “Vulcano Island”

acrylics ob canvas, 70x50cm, 2015

Bark “Bark”

Acrylics and mixed media on canvas 70x100cm

"Into the Spring"

Spring is in the starting blocks - the sun is shining and you realize that it is slowly getting warmer.
Colorful works - Acrylics and mixed media on different surfaces.

work 001 “work 001”

Acrylics and mixed media on paper, frame black 25x25x4,5cm

Work 002 “Work 002”

Acrylics and mixed media on paper, frame white 25x25x4,5cm

Work 003 “Work 003”

Acrylics and mixed media on paper, frame white 40x30cm

work 004 “work 004”

Acrylics and mixed media on paper, frame 40x30cm

verwitterte Hoffnung

experimental work with “old” jeans, spray paint, structure paste and acrylic paint…